Welcome to the NEW Awakened Fitness Blog!


By Alex Cromartie, CPT

I promised myself I wouldn’t use this blog entry to take jabs at Tumblr, so for the most part I won’t. But after having them shut down my blog and delete the content for no reason whatsoever, I figured I would at least warn other unsuspecting would-be bloggers that a host would so nonchalantly destroy content someone worked hard on. I’m not sure whether it was a mistake, or if my account got hacked, but I got no response to emails or any support of any kind, only a message that my account had been terminated and all files deleted. So for me its goodbye Tumblr, hello WordPress!

Seriously though, the positive effect of this experience is that it reminded me of the important truths that success is not a destination but a journey, and also of the dangers of identifying with “things”. Let me explain.

Like anyone who works hard at something, I began becoming attached to the blog entries I had been entering into Tumblr. In addition to the countless hours of work they represented, I think a part of me wanted to have something I could point to and say “Here, look at this. See what I know.” Was I blogging for the right reasons? Sure its necessary to set goals in life, but the problem is that if you let your ego drive this process, it constantly re-ups the contentment bar whenever you achieve something. I had forgotten to ENJOY the process of researching, creating, and learning from my posts. Not to mention the fulfillment it gives me to help spread the much-needed message to others. Instead, I was only focused on getting the next one out, frantic to prove to others that I am knowledgeable enough to be in this business.  When my account was “terminated” as Tumblr so elegantly put it, I was forced to reevaluate my reasons for blogging (after a frantic search of my computer that is).  You would think that this would remind me to back up my work, but because the blog was showing up on Tumblr, on the Awakened Fitness website, and on Facebook, it seemed like it was available in multiple places, but it wasn’t. They were all just links. Ninety percent of my blog is gone, but that’s okay. If I don’t let it define me, then the lost work only represents a step in my fitness journey.

Sometimes people spend so much time worrying about their future or reminiscing in the past that they forget they are living those special memories right now, if they would only pay attention! This sounds simple, but it can be really hard to do with the minds constant chatter. Things and ideas (including blog posts) get in the way of enjoying this moment when you become to attached to them. They are just words, and can’s even begin to define me.

So delete away Mr. Pimple E. Webmaster at Tumblr. You can’t bring me down! I hope you at least got some gratification in haphazardly deleting my account. It’s probably the only kind you do get. Maybe if you would get up off of your extra-poofy computer chair and move your body out of its atrophied state, you could figure out more productive ways to get your kicks 🙂

So now that I’ve don’t a little venting, it’s back to work! Until next time.

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