If It’s Easy, You Can Probably Skip It

Awakened Fitness

By: Alex Cromartie, CPT, CHS

When I first began working in the fitness industry, I remember another trainer telling me that “If it’s easy, you can probably skip it.” in regards to exercise selection. For some reason, it always stuck with me. Although I did understand the basic idea behind the saying at the time, it would take me a bit longer to really understand the depth of it. Let me explain.

At first, the idea of concentrating on exercises that are difficult for you, unnatural for you, and sometimes downright agonizing for you may sound either sadistic, or like one of many overused fitness cliches. And while it may be both of these things, it is also a lot more. It is for me, the essence of training. Appreciating my strengths, but focusing most of my attention on the things I don’t do well in order to improve them.

More importantly…

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