Tell Publix Not To Put Artificial Trans Fats In Their Prepared Foods!


By Alex Cromartie, CPT

If you live in or are from the southeast, then you are almost certainly familiar with Publix Supermarkets. And if you are concerned at all about your health, then you have probably heard of, and know you should stay as far away from trans fats as possible. But what you probably don’t know is that Publix uses trans fats (partially-hydrogenated oils) in the prepared foods in their meat department! You know the stuff I’m talking about: the seasoned cube steak, the beef stuffed peppers, the meatloaf, the salmon pinwheels. Yep, you heard me right. There are trans-fats in the Publix prepared salmon!

Am I in the freaking Twilight Zone?  How is it possible that I am better off eating at a McDonald’s then buying and cooking salmon from the grocery store? Don’t think I’m suggesting that you go eat at McDonald’s. I’m definitely not. But the truth is that they took trans fats out of their menu back in 2008 under pressure from the American Heart Association. Yes, trans fats are really that bad! Many believe it is the single worst “food” you can put in your body.  Although the dangers of trans fats have been recognized for over a decade, companies often hide behind the fact that the slow moving FDA has yet to ban these types of fats (although it will be coming up for a vote soon).

I guess the reason I’m so frustrated with finding out there are trans fats in Publix’s prepared foods is that they are in foods that no one (myself included) would ever expect them in. Should I look for trans fats in my vitamins too? I can handle seeing it in an apple pie, or even in the fried chicken at the deli. But the salmon? Really? When I wrote to corporate concerning the matter, the response was that they give customers a choice. But are they really giving me a choice when I wouldn’t even suspect that that crap would be in the meat department in the first place? What’s worse is that the salmon pinwheels are in a glass case, so you can’t even read the ingredients until after the butcher has wrapped it up for you.

At this point, I can’t expect Publix to not carry packaged items with trans fats. That type of issue is up to the government to decide, and really isn’t in their power. But taking it out of the foods that THEY make IS.  I would hope that if Publix cares about it’s customers in the way that I always thought they did, they would take this opportunity lead the charge in removing trans fats from their own prepared foods. Because as it stands now, Publix is sabotaging its many of its customers efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. So let them know it matters to you!

Help me get Publix’s attention! I have come to the opinion that we can’t wait for the government to make changes in our world. It seems that the real changes will be made through social media and blogs. Please, please, please share this post. Help me raise awareness about this great disservice Publix is doing its customers.  Their region isn’t that large, and a few thousand Publix shoppers who are unhappy to hear about the reality of the situation will get their attention. Next, like my Facebook page called “Tell Publix NOT To Put Trans Fats In Their Prepared Foods”. Once membership gets in the thousands, we will approach them and see what they think!


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