Barrage Training


By Alex Cromartie CPT

“Barrage Training” is an unorthodox training schedule assigned to some clients by Awakened Fitness trainers during the first six weeks of training. It consists simply of cramming three workouts into the first three days of your week (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wed.), and then resting the other four days of the week.  Although sliding a workout day back to Thursday or Friday to accommodate busy schedules, the goal should be to get in three workouts the first three days of the week. This schedule does not allow time for muscle recovery because the days are back to back, so you will have to work a different muscle group each day to allow time for your muscles to rest. I suggest working your legs on day one, the back side of your upper body (pulling exercises) on day two, and the front side of your upper body (pushing exercises) on day three. Finally, it is imperative that you get in three workouts a week for the first six weeks. Excuses other than death or serious bodily injury (really) won’t cut it! It’s only for six weeks. You can do it!

So what is the reasoning behind Barrage Training? To understand that, you need to understand that the first six weeks of an exercise program are about training your brain as much as (if not more than) your body. During this time your brain is building neural pathways to your muscles. It is also during this time that your brain solidifies exercise into your daily routine, making it a habit right around week six. You might have to really have to force yourself through the first six weeks of training though, because your brain isn’t yet making the extra serotonin that exercise enthusiasts thrive off of. Because of this, many people drop out of their routine around week three or four. The Barrage Training schedule allows clients to meet their weekly workout goals, but condenses their workouts into the first part of the week, giving them an extra long four day period to recover. This will keeps things intense on training days, but still not seem overwhelming because of the long rest period. Clients come back the next week, restored and ready to work. Eventually their bodies want more exercise, at which point we will come up with a more customized routine. But in the beginning, this schedule can help solidify the habit.

If you are starting an exercise program, incorporating Barrage Training will help you through these critical first weeks. Naturally, I suggest having a trainer here to help keep you motivated. Bet even without the benefit of having a professional guide you, you can make exercise part of your lifestyle by beginning with this schedule. Inevitably, life will try to get between you and your workout routine. When it does, it’s okay to move a day to Thursday or even Friday, but just be careful. If you find yourself waiting till the end of the week chronically, know that it is a slippery slope. It’s probably a good idea to stick to the plan until after the initial six week period. Whatever you do, make SURE you get in your three workouts every week. Setting and meeting weekly goals is crucial to making exercise a habit, and truly making it part of your lifestyle. Don’t worry, such a rigid schedule won’t be necessary forever. In fact, you will begin to look forward to your daily exercise routine after you make it through the six week “initiation”. Stay strong!

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